nibiru planet x

With all the terrible, horrible stuff that's been going on around the world — like record-breaking storms, constant political unrest, and escalating nuclear tensions between one secretive East Asian country and an orange toddler on Twitter — having a massive space rock slam into the Earth and end it all almost seems like a dream come true. But alas, for the third month in a row, doomsday theorists who have been promising the arrival of a mysterious, undetected planet have once again been proven to be frauds. Bummer.

The mythical world of Nibiru (or "Planet X" if you prefer) was supposed to appear out of nowhere and slam into our planet on Sunday, November 19th, but like a bad Tinder date, it stood us up. But why? Oh, that's right, because it doesn't exist and doomsday conspiracies are dumb.

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