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In a new report by Flickr, the source notes that all iPhones collectively account for 42% of the photos posted. This data was gathered by Flickr using EXIF metadata, which also shows Canon DSLRs accounting for 27%, while Nikon DSLRs managed 16%.

All together, 39% of photos and videos were shot with some form of camera equipped phone. After the iPhone 6 and the 5s, however, there was a quick drop off in device popularity, with the iPhone 5, iPhone 6 Plus, and Samsung Galaxy S5 battling for third place.

According to Flickr’s data, iPhones have dominated Flickr for some time. Moreover, many sources speculate that more people have smartphones with them rather than a dedicated camera.

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Furthermore, it is said that point-and-shoot cameras have largely faded into the background as smartphones have narrowed the middle-ground between them and DSLRs. According to Flickr’s data, they were able to capture 25% of photos and videos this year on the site, with Sony’s RX100 taking the top spot.

Source info: Flickr.com

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