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Fleksy the app brings different options to your iPhone with GIFs, customizable keyboards, and much more. Recently, the app was updated and now brings 3D Touch support, holiday themed features, enhanced quick options and more. 

Fleksy 7.5 brings a 3D Touch-based cursor control and Home screen shortcuts on the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. Other new implementations include a free pack of holiday themed features, the ability to search for emojis with the Highlights extension, a new GIF & Stickers tab for browsing animated GIFs and more.

Looking over to the 3D Touch side, upon pressing Fleksy’s Home screen icon will bring up a contextual menu with Help & Feedback, GIFs & Stickers and Settings. Moreover, if using Fleksy on the iPhone 6s or 6s Plus, you can press firmly on any key to turn the keyboard into a trackpad-like surface for direct cursor positioning, which is like Apple’s implementation of 3D Touch cursor control on the stock keyboard.

Folks using iPhones that don’t sport 3D Touch will find that the feature can still be activated by long-pressing the space key. The Cursor Control extension must be turned on within Fleksy’s settings before 3D Touch can be used. To activate this feature, open Fleksy’s help app, tap on the Extension tab and then hit the Cursor Control tile to activate the extension.

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Fleksy Keyboard 7.5 Features:

  • Free Festive Holiday Theme Pack
  • New icon and updated app design for easier navigation
  • For 6s/6s+ devices Quick Actions have been added to the app icon
  • Activate Cursor Control with 3D Touch. Press anywhere on the keyboard to activate it (make sure the Cursor Control extension is activated). For non-6s/6s+ devices, Cursor Control will still work by long pressing spacebar
  • Now you can also search for Emojis with the Highlights Extension. Scroll below Stickers & GIFs for Emoji.
  • Added a GIFs & Stickers tab to the Fleksy app for searching, browsing and sharing content. You can still find GIFs and Stickers in the keyboard if you have the extension activated.
  • Improvements to storing user dictionary in iCloud (your dictionary should be saved between updates and reinstalls).
  • Fixed side buttons not showing up in landscape mode on certain devices
  • [VoiceOver] Added names to icons in Hotkey Extension setup
  • Stability and performance improvements
  • Fixed some crashes.

In addition, Fleksy 7.5 includes an updated design for better navigation and several other refinements and enhancements. You can get this app for free in the App Store.

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