Flash Jailbreak Tweak Updated With Better Light Sensor Adjustments

pangu iOS 9

The latest update to hit the jailbreak tweak Flash, brings a new preference panel. The tweak uses the iPhone’s Ambient Light Sensor to display a shortcut to the LED flash, which speeds up the process of accessing the flashlight on the Lock screen while in a dark place.

The previous version of Flash would appear at the slightest hint of darkness. With the latest update, users can now adjust the Light Level to reduce sensitive or unwanted activation. The new preference panel holds a new “Ghosted Icon,” which removes the standard flash app icon for a simple lightning bolt icon. Users will also notice a toggle switch for overriding Siri suggestions, which would normally take precedence over the shortcut area in the bottom left corner of the Lock screen.

flash tweak 1

In addition, the Light Level option can be adjusted with a new slider setting in the preference panel. Upon dragging the slider to the left, users will notice that the tweak will become less sensitive to dark settings. Sliding it all the way to the left will make the shortcut active when in complete darkness.

You can get this jailbreak tweak for free in the Big Boss repo.

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