When Fitbit announced its new activity-tracking band at CES in January, the company’s stock plummeted. At first glance, the Fitbit Blaze looked like an Apple Watch clone, with a touchscreen, notifications, and interchangeable leather, sport, and link bands to boot. Had Fitbit’s executives lost their minds? But after spending a few weeks with the Fitbit Blaze, I see the potential in a slightly intelligent fitness band. I just wish this one had looks to match its smarts.

The Fitbit Blaze ($200 on Amazon) might look like an Apple Watch if you’re standing far enough away with your eyes squinted and your head cocked to the side, but it’s not a fair fight. While the Apple Watch is basically a phone on your wrist, with a full-fledged app ecosystem, the Blaze’s functions are fitness-focused, and it doesn’t pretend otherwise.

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