Skywall Pro is a new wallpaper app that gives you an endless stream of ultra HD pictures for your background, that range from anything like scenery, art, animals and many other different categories for you to choose from.

With this app, you will probably never get bored of changing up your background, since it gives you more than 900 pictures that constantly update and change overtime. Giving you the ability to swap out a photo or browse through new ones that you never even tried before, whenever the app gets an update. Skywall Pro also lets you upload your own photos to the app as well, so even if want to put a family photo, a selfie or a landscape shot, you can always just set it as your wallpaper or lockscreen on your iPhone or iPad.

Here are some of the key features the app comes with:

  • Has stunning UI of captivating and high quality photos
  • Explore hundreds of different backgrounds that were specifically designed for iOS
  • Updates constantly so you’ll never run out of content to look through
  • Upload any of your own personal photos on the app for free

Skywall Pro is currently available at the App Store for $2.99, and is compatible for any iPhone or iPad that runs an iOS 9.0 or later. For more details about this particular app, you can always click on the link for more information.

Source: PhoneArena, App Store

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