If you love using emojis on your iPhone, then you know the struggle of trying to constantly browse through dozens of emojis for the one you want, and spending way too much time doing so. Which is why the new Emoji Keyboard Pro makes it so much easier and convenient to find and pick an emoji you’re looking for, since it has a search, a global skin tone setting, zoom and a slot for the recent emojis you used.

The new Emoji Keyboard Pro has it where all you have to do to find a specific emoji, is just simply type in a few letters in the search bar like “holiday”, ” birthday”, “happy”, etc, to find the one that you want to use in your text message. The app also has it where you can pick a certain emoji color and then later swap it out with another skin tone, while keeping the exact same icon for an easy switch.

Another thing that the app has, is that you’re also able to create additional custom categories for just a $1.00, that helps you classify all of the emojis that you have on your keyboard, so that you can easily organize and find a particular emoji in a breeze. But not only that, you can also zoom in on your selection of emojis that you want to pick as well, by either making the zoom intensity into regular, large or jumbo so you get to see all the different icons that you can put in your messages.

So if this app seems like something you would be interested in, you can always be sure to check it out over at the App Store, where it’s currently going for $1.99 for any iPhone with an iOS 10.0 or later.

Source: Phonearena, App Store

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