We've had a Micronesian archipelago, the African savannah, Pacific islands, fictional Himalayan peaks, and even an '80s action movie. Now we're going 12,000 years back in time to the Stone Age. Far Cry goes Primal, said a marketing whiz somewhere, somewhen.

Unsurprisingly, then, the single-player only Far Cry Primal has a distinctly rural vibe. Snow-capped mountains punctuate a skyline densely packed with forest canopy, steep cliffs, and gentle hillocks. Rivers flow at ground level, fed by waterfalls that have left deep scars in the terrain. The world of Oros could almost be a picture-postcard kind of place... if it weren't for the numerous bloodthirsty wild animals. Not that all of the local fauna is out to get you, but this wouldn't be Far Cry without a few dozen animals trying to take a chunk of your leg. There's no sign of a honey badger yet, though.

Still, animals are key to both the personality of Primal's world and how club-happy protagonist Takkar views it. Described by Ubisoft rather grandly, as a "beastmaster," Takkar is the Stone Age's very own Doctor Doolittle—able to tame and command even the most aggressive of creatures. I'm told any of the game's predators (around 14 of them) can be tamed, although that feature isn't quite ready for show just yet. Apparently, the rough idea is to sneak up on your target and pacify it gently without violence, which doesn't sound all that exciting right now, but maybe Ubi's keeping the secret sauce under wraps until a later date.

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