Fallout Shelter App Game Receives Pets In New Update

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Bethesda’s popular app game, Fallout Shelter, received pets in the latest update. Not only will you have cats and dogs to choose from, but you will be able to explore with them outside of your vault.

Fallout Shelter, which was named Apple’s runner-up game of the year for 2015, has just received a new update with the move to version 1.3. The game puts players in charge of creating their own underground vault to help keep their residents safe, healthy and happy during a nuclear attack outside. As the overseer, you will have to select and assign residents to build different rooms to help grow your vault into a nice safe place.

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One of the biggest features in this update is that players can now have pets in their vaults, which includes dogs and cats. In addition, you can even take your dog or cat with you and explore the wastelands.

Here’s what’s new in version 1.3:

  • Vault-Tec research has shown that four legged companions can have a profound impact on Vault happiness and productivity. Introducing Pets!
  • Vault-Tec has received reports of some Dwellers not pulling their weight. Overseers are now authorized to permanently evict these lazy layabouts! Welcome to the Wasteland, slackers…
  • Bored with the same pickup lines and conversations? Dwellers have finally learned some new ways to impress other dwellers and the opposite sex.
  • Excessive tapping causing frustration when trying to clear out excess inventory? Overseers will love the new sell all options.
  • Dweller management improvements and new objectives should help experienced Overseers keep things running smoothly.
  • Even more Vault-Tec certified improvements and optimizations. Because you can never have enough improvements or optimizations.

Fallout Shelter is available for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. You can get this app for free in the App Store.

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