Faced with a trove of new evidence in Uber case, Waymo asks to delay trial

Enlarge / The Waymo self-driving car prototype. (credit: Waymo)

After receiving a report with a trove of details critical to their case, Waymo lawyers have asked to delay their impending trial against Uber.

The motion (PDF), filed Saturday afternoon, says that Waymo lawyers need more time to sift through the "due diligence" report and the related communications and documents, which are only now being produced.

"With so much material only now seeing the light of day, Waymo would be unfairly prejudiced if the trial proceeds as initially scheduled on October 10 without additional time to pursue this mountain of new evidence," Waymo attorneys write in the motion. "The evidence Uber and Ottomotto attempted to shield from discovery goes to the heart of the case."

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