Facebook just made all public posts searchable

It used to be so easy to fly under-the-radar on Facebook. You could prevent people from searching for you by name, then that went away. You could rely on old photos staying in the past, but then Facebook rolled out Memories so everyone can relive great (or awful) moments with you. You could count on years-old posts not being swept up in a search dragnet just because you used a certain keyword, but now that, too, is a lost hope. Facebook just made all 2 trillion public posts searchable.

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Facebook is always racing to topple its media and advertising rivals, and this move is its biggest shot at Google. Facebook sees 1.5 billion searches every day, but before now, the search results were kind of a mess. Facebook’s new search tool is far more useful, displaying relevant posts in top-down order—important organizations and public figures first, then your friends’ posts and group discussions, then the musings of Internet randoms.

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