ExoLense & ZEISS Wide-Angle Lens Kit For The iPhone 6-6s Plus

ExoLense ZEISS kit

ExoLens has partnered with the famous mobile photography company ZEISS, and just announced a new iPhone accessory lens kit for the iPhone 6-6s Plus, for better quality and resolution to the pictures and videos.

The ExoLens comes with professional high grade ZEISS optics, and an integrated mount built into it so users can easily attach it to any of their tripods, selfie sticks, exterior lighting and microphones, so you can have an easy transition exchanging different accessories and attachments to your iPhone. The Lenses also feature top-notch wide-angle lenses based on the same technology that’s been used for high-end DSLR cameras, to provide really enticing high quality photos and videos.

Another cool aspect about the lenses, is that you don’t have to worry about them getting smudged, dirty or scratched up, since it comes with a precision-machined aluminum bracket with ultra soft lining around the lenses, for the perfect fit and protection against scratches, scoffs and lint build-up.

Here’s what the ExoLens & ZEISS Wide-Angle Lens Kit feature:

  • Superior-quality ZEISS wide-angle lenses
  • ZEISS anti-reflective coating
  • Machined aluminum ExoLens bracket to keep the lenses securely in place
  • Convenient built-in mount for standard tripods (1/4″-20)
  • Integrated cold-shoe mount for easily attaching lighting, audio, and other accessories
  • Sturdy protective aluminum lens hood
  • Lens cap to prevent smudges, lint and damages

If you’re interested in purchasing ExoLens & ZEISS Wide-Angle Lens kit, you can head on over to Apple’s official website where it’s currently going for $199.95 with free shipping and handling. For more information about this kit, you can simply click on the link for more details.

Source info: Apple

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