Evernote drops dead weight with demise of Clearly, Pebble app, and most Skitch versions

Evernote is shutting down some of its single-use apps as it tries to turn the company’s fortunes around.

Most notable is Skitch, a popular tool for annotating images that Evernote acquired in 2011. Evernote will continue to support the Mac version, but is discontinuing the Windows, Windows Store, iOS, and Android versions. Evernote says some of Skitch’s features are available within Evernote proper.

Evernote is also discontinuing Clearly, a Chrome browser extension that removed clutter from online articles and saved them for later reading on other devices. It was a lot like other reader services such as Pocket and Instapaper, and is similar to reader views that are now built into some browsers, including Microsoft Edge and Apple’s Safari. Evernote is directing Clearly users to its Web Clipper extension, which lets users save portions of a webpage instead of just the whole thing.

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