Equifax has been sending hack victims to a fake phishing site

Equifax breach check

If you're feeling lost and confused following news of Equifax's recent data breach, don't worry: not even Equifax's own customer service knows what's going on. Twitter customer service agents have been redirecting customers to a fake phishing site, not run by Equifax and with zero relation to the company.

Agents are only doing this because Equifax's site with information about the hack isn't good to begin with. It made a website at equifaxsecurity2017.com to tell customers about the breach. But that URL isn't memorable and is easily confused with something else -- say, for example, securityequifax2017.com. So a web developer made a lookalike website at that similar address, with the intention of showing Equifax the error of its ways.

It didn't work out exactly like he imagined.

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