Epic, near-EVE-worthy troll sabotages Elite: Dangerous community event

Enlarge / Protect and advance the plot, or kill for the lulz? We know which one the community picked.

In the vast simulated galaxy of Elite: Dangerous, a years-old mystery concerning an unknown region of space called the Formidine Rift was poised to take a dramatic leap forward on Saturday. An NPC going by the name of Salomé was preparing for a frantic, fast return to the main inhabited core worlds with information that would advance the mystery’s plot. Elite players could choose to try to escort Salomé to safety, or could try to gun her down.

The event was organized in part by science fiction author Drew Wagar, who has written one of the official Elite: Dangerous tie-in novels. Wagar—with some assistance from Frontier Developments to make the magic happen—would be controlling Salomé's ship as she made her mad dash back to the core worlds; the result of the run would be featured in Wagar’s upcoming Elite novel. If Salomé lived and delivered her message, that’s what he’d write in the book. If she died, the book would be written to reflect that, immortalizing the player character who did the killing.

The stage seemed set for an exciting afternoon of hunting Salomé online, tracking her whereabouts, and participating in some fun player vs. player combat. There were some other “VIPs” flying with Salomé with their own messages to deliver, but Salomé herself was where all the player interest lay.

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