ElavationLab Is Launching A New Dock For The iPhone & iPad

ElavationLab has just confirmed that it will be releasing a new accessory for the iPhone and iPad called the ElevationDock 4, which is a charging dock that claims to help improve the function and usability of your devices, by having certified cables and flexible screws for different angles.

For instance, since this dock is MFi-certified, you won’t have to worry about damaging any of your Apple gadgets, because it was made to not heat up or damage your iPhone or iPad while charging. Which happens quite a bit among knock-offs or other third-party docks and accessories that are not Apple MFi-certified, since they’re not properly tested to be paired with different phones or tablets.

The dock also comes with micro-suction cups to keep your device in place, as well as adjustable thumb screws that can angle and adjust to smaller or bigger devices with or without a case. Another thing about the ElevationDock 4, is that it’s pretty small and compact. So it’s great to put on top of any of your tables, office desk or night stands as a decorational piece, or to prop and display your device up while they’re charging, so you can easily view the time or its charging status.

The company has yet to announce when the ElevationDock 4 should hit store shelves specifically, but was said to have a two-week delivery for U.S. consumers when it’s ready to launch. But if you would like to still pre-order it to be one of the first to use it, you can drop by ElevationLab’s official website where they’re currently selling it for $59.00 in a color choice of matte black or matte white.

Source: The Christian Post, ElevationLab

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