You can only pair one Siri Remote per Apple TV, so if you want to get your multiplayer game on, you’ll need to use iOS devices with the Remote app, buy MFi game controllers as well.

If you’re buying a new Apple TV and want to get into multiplay gaming, don’t spend money on multiple Siri Remotes. You can only pair one (1) Siri Remote with your Apple TV. Instead, you’ll need to use your and your family and friends’s iOS devices running a (like updated version of) the Remote app, or better still—made of iOS devices (MFi) game controllers.

Apple does sell the Siri Remote separately, but that’s for the same reason Apple has always sole ATV remotes separately: In case you lose or break the one that came in the box.

So don’t be confused and don’t be tempted to try it anyway. You can only use one Siri Remote with your Apple TV, and if you want to do multiplayer gaming, you’ll need iPhones, iPods touch, or MFi game controllers.

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