Get your credit cards ready, parents! Disney today announced it will launch a new streaming content service in the United Kingdom in November. DisneyLife will be a £9.99 per month subscription video, music, and book service offering Disney films, television series, books, and music.

DisneyLife Steaming Service to Launch in UK - To Feature Disney’s Movies, TV Series, Books and Music


… will include Pixar’s entire catalog and classic films such as Snow White and The Jungle Book, report The Financial Times (sub. req.) and Variety. Beyond films, DisneyLife will feature Disney’s television series, books and music, with new content being added as it’s released. The service will launch November in the United Kingdom, and is planned for a 2016 rollout across France, Spain, Italy and Germany.

Disney will not soon be launching the service in the U.S., and Disney’s upcoming theatrical releases will continue to debut on Netflix under previously announced deals in the U.S. and Canada. While the report notes that Marvel and Star Wars movies will not be offered as a part of DisneyLife, they could later be launched as separate subscription services.

“This is the future, in many respects,” said Bob Iger, Disney’s chief executive. “We’re seeing more and more opportunities to reach consumers directly and not through middlemen, and we’re seeing consumers wanting product in different ways.”

DisneyLife Steaming Service to Launch in UK - To Feature Disney’s Movies, TV Series, Books and Music

Subscription dollars… Everywhere!

TechRadar reports the new service will debut on iOS and Android devices, and will support both AirPlay and streaming to Chromecast devices, so Apple TV users won’t be left out of watching their favorite Disney content on big screens.

Parents will be able to set specific time limits to individual profiles in the app, and different limits can be set for weekdays and weekends. DisneyLife will also allow downloading to devices for viewing when an Internet connection isn’t available.

The new DisneyLife service will launch in November, just in time for Christmas gift subscriptions. Interested U.K. parental units can find out more at the DisneyLife website.