Disney-Funded Virtual Reality Firm Brings 360-Degree Videos to the Apple TV


The Disney-funded virtual reality service, Littlstar, is bringing 360-degree videos to your HDTV via Apple TV. The service has been offering VR and 360-degree video to a number of devices for awhile now, so Apple TV users will be able to access thousands of videos for viewing and interacting with, via Apple’s new streaming box.

Disney-Funded Virtual Reality Firm Brings 360-Degree Videos to the Apple TV


Littlstar’s partnered with big names like National Geographic, the Wall Street Journal, Mountain Dew, and Showtime. Huge brands contribute content, but Littlstar also curates good stuff from individual users or smaller outfits, too.

Apple TV users can use their Siri Remote to look around in the worlds offered in the Littlstar videos. The format allows viewers to control what they see in any scene, no longer restricted to a single view chosen by a cameraman or director.

Littlstar launched in 2014, and bills itself as the first online community for 360-degree, panoramic and VR video. It’s been backed by the Disney Accelerator, an incubator that helps tech startups succeed in the entertainment space.

The above video demonstrate using the system to follow a professional ballerina rehearsing in the studio, then moving to a balcony seat in New York’s Lincoln Center to view her performance.

While Littlstar partners with commercial brands for promotions, the company also allows anyone to upload their 360-degree content to the service. Users can also view 360-degree videos on the web, using a mouse or trackpad to move around inside the video. An iOS app is also available.

To download the free Littlstar app on your Apple TV, search for “littlstar” in the tvOS App Store.

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