Discover New Recipes With The New Tasty App For The iPhone & iPad

Tasty is a new app from Buzzfeed, featuring an entire list of tasty recipes and meals, that range from breakfast, dinner, desserts and snacks, with step-by-step guides and videos, to show you how to prepare each dish.

With the new Tasty app, you’re able to search through recipes based on your dietary restrictions, since you can easily browse through their vegetarian recipes, vegan recipes, gluten-free recipes or meals that don’t have certain ingredients in it, that you may be allergic to or just don’t want to eat.

But not only does this app give you the option to sort through certain foods that don’t fit within your diet, you can also search through foods by cuisine, how easy they are, how hard they are, as well as get a ton of new suggestions based on the time of day or holiday that’s nearby. And of course this app also included cooking tutorials too, so whenever you decide to make a meal on the app, you can always cook along with the videos that they have, as well as read their easy instructions and measurements for the dish while you’re making it.

So if Buzzfeed’s Tasty app seems like an app you could see yourself using, then you can always be sure to download or learn more about it over at the App Store, where it’s currently going for free for any iPhone or iPad with an iOS 10.0 or later.

Source: iMore

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