It seems as if Apple just gave major hints on what to expect from the iPhone 8 when it released the HomePod firmware last week.

The features within the HomePod smart speaker code have been uncovered by the several developers. According to Guilherme Rambo, one of the codes contained a hint that the iPhone 8 could have a new “SmartCamera” function.

He noticed several references to different settings such as fireworks, foliage, pets, sky, snow, sports, sunrise and sunset, and more. It’s believed the iPhone 8 will be able to automatically change its settings to capture the perfect photo based on the environment. In addition, Rambo found that iOS 11 will change the battery icons for the iPhone 8.

Another code reveals a “FreezeMotion” feature which could be used to capture an object as it moves swiftly past the camera frame.

The iPhone 8 has been rumored to feature an under-display Touch ID feature for months, but it seems as if it won’t be included in the device based on the framework.

Other developers have discovered codes within the HomePod firmware which include numerous references to face detection methods addressing issues such as faces being too close or far from the camera, the presence of multiple faces and more.

Within the iOS 11.0.2 firmware, the iPhone 8, code named “D22,” is represented as an almost full-screen device with cut outs at the top of the phone which looks very similar to previous leaks we’ve been seeing.

We can expect to see the iPhone 8 launch this September alongside the iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus.

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