Developers, start submitting your tvOS apps!

Apple has just opened up submission for tvOS apps, the software that will run on the new Apple TV.

In an email sent out this evening, Apple has alerted developers that they can begin uploading tvOS apps to the App Store that will launch next week alongside the new Apple TV. There are a few requirements, though.

The App Store for the new Apple TV will soon be available to customers around the world. To prepare, build your apps and games using Xcode 7.1 GM, which includes the tvOS SDK, and test them on tvOS GM seed. Make sure to read the updated App Review Guidelines and use TestFlight to get feedback before submitting them for review.

The email also contains a link to an open page on Apple’s developer center that elaborates on the App Review process, testing, the requirement for app thinning (including bitcode), and the release date.

Although not new, the universal purchase process is also clearly laid out:

Empower customers to enjoy your app on both tvOS and iOS with a single purchase. To enable universal purchase of your app in iTunes Connect, simply attach a platform to your existing app record or create a new app for both iOS and tvOS and submit them for review. Once both versions are approved and released to the App Store, your customers will be able to access your app on iPhone, iPad, and the new Apple TV. Note that once both apps have been approved by App Review, you cannot disable universal purchase.

The Apple TV goes on order next Monday in launch countries, including the U.S. and many other coutries, and should be available end of next week.

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