Apple has announced developers will now be allowed to include a video preview of their Apple TV apps alongside the app’s description and screenshots in the tvOS App Store.

Developers Can Now Include Video Previews in tvOS App Store App Description

“Showcase your tvOS app in action by bringing its features and functionality alive with a short video on the App Store forApple TV. By providing an app preview, you can help customers better understand your app and encourage more downloads.”

The addition is a most welcome one, as it will allow customers to sample a bit of the action before purchasing or downloading an app for their fourth-generation Apple TV. The change will especially be welcome in the case of games for the set top box, as players will be able to view the actual gameplay before deciding to download the game to their box. Each preview will be between 15 and 30 seconds long and will appears in all countries or regions where the app is available.

Apple also offers tips on how best to create the app previews, using iMovie or Final Cut Pro, natch! Developers can begin submitting the videos immediately, so we should start seeing the demos show up in the tvOS App Store fairly soon.

Now, if Apple will just make it possible to link to a tvOS app from a webpage, as is possible with iOS and Mac apps, and make it possible to search for tvOS apps form your iOS device, we’ll be set.