Sprimo Labs has created a new personal air monitor named the Sprimo, which allows you to see what you breathe in on your day-to-day life, since it picks up any type of airborne toxins, chemicals, temperature and humidity through your Apple device.

All you have to do is just plug-in the Sprimo at the bottom of your iPhone, and set it down in your office, bedroom, living room or anywhere you want in your house, to see exactly how much bacteria and other dangerous elements you’re breathing in every day.

The personal air monitor also gives you an easy-to-read air quality score based on the industry standard of what’s good vs to what’s hazardous, by showing you a chart of the different levels of its numerical value and the meaning of it; so you know exactly what type of condition your home is in. It also shows a lot of every day dangerous elements you breathe in as well; such as perfumes, cosmetics, glues, plastics and even more obvious things like cigarette smoke, heavy gas or strong paint.

So if you’re interested in the new Sprimo air monitor for your home, then you can always check it out over at Kickstarter.com where you can back it or simply read more about it.

Source: Kickstarter, Geeky Gadgets

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