Decrypted: Westworld just went totally off the rails

Enlarge / William and Dolores are definitely out of their loops now. (credit: HBO)

We've finally made it to Pariah, and the Easter Egg town's orgies and war madness were actually a lot less shocking than the reveal about who runs the place. Dang! We also found out more about how Westworld is funded, and the economics don't look very good. In the world of robot psychology, we have to ask whether Dolores is finally losing her mind or if all those hallucinations are the pathway to consciousness. We talk about all this and more on our latest Decrypted podcast.

This week, I'm joined by Ars Senior Technology Editor Lee Hutchinson to talk about guns, fan theories, and all the madness of episode 5 of Westworld, "Contrapasso." Hutchinson brings his considerable knowledge of guns and Internet fan theories about the show into our conversation, and now we have a working idea of how the park's guns function.

Topics discussed: the state of Dolores' mind (Arnold and a bunch of other things are in her head); Ford's freaky conversation with the MIB (a treat to watch); the economics of Westworld (it's hemorrhaging cash); the economics of the real world (MIB says it's peachy, but the poor med tech Felix is terrified he'll lose his job); the two faces of Lawrence (El Lazo!); what's going on in Pariah (and are the Confederados linked to Wyatt?); how guns work in Westworld (at least, what we've figured out so far); why it's important that the bots use GPS (we have to be on Earth, under open sky); and how the two most popular fan theories about Westworld just got nuked (bye bye, double timeline).

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