Dealmaster: Breaking down the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max’s pre-order situation

The lock screen on the iPhone XS.

Enlarge / The iPhone XS will be available to pre-order on Friday. (credit: Valentina Palladino)

It’s iPhone season, which means it’s once again time for millions of Apple diehards to drop what they’re doing and immediately upgrade their daily drivers.

To be clear, we recommend waiting for the Ars review of the new iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max—which go up for pre-order at 3am ET on Friday and begin shipping to customers on September 21—before throwing more cash in Tim Cook’s direction. But we also recognize that a whole lot of people decided they would buy one of the new handsets as soon as Apple introduced them.

So for those who are dead set on grabbing an iPhone XS straight away—and don’t want to wait for the more affordable iPhone XR next month—we’ve broken down where to get the new handsets and what the major sellers and mobile carriers are offering for your purchase.

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