Deadmau5 shows Ars the bonkers VR dreams living inside his giant mouse head

Virtual reality may be blowing up in tech circles, but mainstream pop culture has mostly kept an arm's-length distance from the movement. What's more, if you've seen a well-known celebrity in VR, that pretty much always means you've seen them in a 360-degree video—the kind that employs fixed video footage and therefore locks viewers into a single place as opposed to fully explorable virtual worlds.

Far-out musicians like Reggie Watts and Bjork have starred in 360-degree music-and-video experiments, while more mainstream artists like Jack White have published concert footage taken from a few 360-degree cameras. But if you're looking for a big musician who has launched anything resembling a fully VR experience, you surprisingly only have one option: Deadmau5, who launched a Google Cardboard-compatible VR app this week on iOS and Android.

The electronic music titan, aka Joel Zimmerman, lent his likeness, music, and input to Absolut Vodka to make a VR app. A skeptic might think this means a simple cash-in, but in an exclusive interview with Ars, Deadmau5 admitted he was pretty involved in its creation—because he's got serious VR dreams.

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