Create Amazing Artwork With The New Artstudio Pro App For The iPhone & iPad

If you have an iPad and a Apple Pencil, and looking for a new drawing app to use them with, then you might like the new Artstudio Pro app. It’s basically a painting/drawing app for aspiring artist that would like to perfect their skills in drawing or painting, or just looking for something to do for fun.

Whether you want to switch around a few brush sizes, change around colors or add in fonts or patterns to finish off your work, you’re able to achieve all of those things and more with this app. The Artstudio Pro gives an endless amount of flexible layer systems, canvases and effects that range from things like color balance, exposure, auto adjustments and 27 blending modes that will help you achieve different looks to your pictures.

This app also includes handy retouching tools for you to use as well, alongside cropping tools and hundreds of built-in brush effects, that will display as a paint brush, a marker, a pencil and more. This way, if you feel like doing a watercolored, paint look to your photo you can easily be able to. Or, if you decide to do a more hand-drawn pencil and paper type of look, you can as well.

The new Artstudio Pro app is available at the App store, where you can learn more about it or download it for $6.99 for any iPad or any iPhone, that supports an iOS 10.0 or later.

Source: App Store, PhoneArena

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