A new rumor suggest Apple could add a new color “Jet White” to the already five color options to choose from for the iPhone 7.

The latest talk regarding the iPhone 7 has to do with a new color for Apple’s smartphone, the Japanese news site Mac Otakara, has reported that Apple could debut a new color “Jet White ” for the iPhone 7. The news report has stated that the information given may not be from a reliable source, so this means the information given should be taken lightly in regards to the new color “Jet White” being added.

The iPhone 7 already comes in five colors to choose from – Silver, Gold, Rose Gold, Matte Black, and Jet Black. Talk has it if Apple does produce this new color, it could be a shiny Jet White color to off- set the glossy Jet Black color.

In addition to the Mac Otakara rumors, Sonny Dickson posted a video via Twitter on Tuesday showing off the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in Jet White.

Apple has not made any comments regarding this latest “Jet White” rumor. Stay tune for more talk and rumors on the possible new color being added in the future.

Source info: thenextweb/apple, Sonny Dickson

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