Cortana on iPhone

Microsoft spent some time in beta before officially releasing Cortana as a digital assistant for both Android and iOS.

On Wednesday, Microsoft launched Cortana as a personal assistant for the iPhone and other select smartphones. Cortana works through both the PC and iPhone to help users get as much work done as possible.

With the app, users will be notified when a call is missed on their PC and have Cortana send a text message back letting them know they’re busy by using the computer. Cortana will also help users track flights and packages, as well as set location reminders to pop up on the phone when users arrive to that location.

Cortana app

Unfortunately, Android and iOS users won’t be able to get the same experience as Window users when using Cortana. For example, “Hey Cortana” voice activation feature isn’t available on iOS and can only be accessed on Androids if they’re in the Cortana app. In addition, the ability to toggle settings or open apps isn’t possible on any other platforms, but the Window’s platform. Other than that, if you’re familiar with using Siri or any other digital assistance, Cortana isn’t too far off.

The Cortana app is only available in the U.S. and China at the moment. You can download the app in the App Store for the iPhone running iOS 8 or newer.

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