We don’t usually report on apps that require your iPhone to be jailbroken, but this one is too cool to pass up. A new utility app, “CoolBooter,” allows users of jailbroken 32-bit iOS devices to dual-boot two different versions of iOS on the same device.

'CoolBooter' Allows iOS Users to Boot Two Different Versions of iOS on their Jailbroken Devices

While dual-booting on computers has long been available – via such utilities as Boot Camp on the Mac, which allows Mac users to boot their machines into either Windows or macOS – most mobile devices, especially those on the iOS platform, haven’t had that luxury.

Redmond Pie:

As we mentioned earlier, however, this is only available for Apple’s 32-bit devices which are jailbroken. In addition, the process only actually functions on devices that have publicly available firmware keys, which immediately rules out certain iPod touch models, such as the fifth-generation iPod touch, as well the original iPad mini, which was built with the second revision of Apple’s A5 chip. Excluding those, there is compatibility with devices like Apple’s iPhone 4, iPhone 5 and iPhone 5c. The iPad 2, iPad 3, and iPad 4 are also supported due to their 32-bit architecture.

CoolBooter is installed via Cydia via the URL:, and there is no modifications needed, or any tinkering with the device’s internal file system required. The app installs the second version of iOS, via its own interface, and is also used to boot the second version of iOS, when so desired.

The standard disclaimer is as usual: MacTrast does not suggest you jailbreak your iOS device, as doing so could void your warranty. (The device’s too.) MacTrast bears no responsibility or liability for anything that might happen to your device when using CoolBooter, or for jailbreaking your device.