A Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) survey of 500 iPhone buyers between October and December shows Apple’s iPhone 8 outsold the flagship iPhone X model.

Consumer Survey Shows iPhone 8 Outsold iPhone X in Holiday Quarter


According to a Consumer Intelligence Research Partners of 500 iPhone buyers between October and December, 24 percent of purchasers picked up the iPhone 8, with the iPhone 8 Plus accounting for 17 percent of buys. The iPhone X held 20 percent of iPhone buyers in the two months it was available in the survey period, with every other model including the iPhone 6 family and iPhone SE holding down 39 percent.

CIRP says comparing 2017 sales with those tallied in 2016 is difficult:

“Comparisons to earlier launches are tricky at best. First, iPhone X wasnt available for the full quarter. The Apple model pie is further divided, as they now offer eight models, the most ever,” write CIRP co-founder Josh Lowitz. “Apple launched the new phones on a different schedule, announcing three new models at once, but delaying the launch of the most advanced and expensive one, iPhone X, for five weeks following the launch of iPhone 8 and 8 Plus.”

It should be noted that the survey includes data for October, and the iPhone X wasn’t released until November. This gives the non-X models an extra month of sales over the flagship’s two month sales period.