Concept Video: The iPhone SE 2 Could Feature A Mini iPhone X Style


Would you want to see a smaller screen sized iPhone X? A new conceptvideo enhances what the iPhone SE 2 could look like with some iPhone X features.

Apple may be interested in what the average consumer thinks of enhancing its most affordable basic iPhone into more of a iPhone X mini, well not exactly all the specifications of the iPhone X, just a tweak here or there.

The ideal iPhone SE 2 concept would still have its 4.7-inch display size, but with some added amenities like increasing the mega pixels on the front camera, a Portrait Mode and Portrait Lightning mode for the ultimate iPhone camera experience. What about adding facial recognition features like the iPhone X? That could get quite a bit of consumers pretty excited with that added feature. How many would like to see TrueDepth camera added to the front to facilitate Face ID?

With all these additional new features, you have to boost up the processor and RAM, maybe not as much as the iPhone X, but close to the A11 Bionic processor couldn’t hurt anything, and of course increase the battery size, why add all the good stuff and it dies on you in the process of using it?

The storage capacity on the iPhone SE has currently been increased to 32GB and 128GB, how about dropping the 32GB, and increasing it to 64GB instead? Of course, with all these enhancements, the price would surely see an increase, and the name could change to a mini iPhone X.

Credit: Concept Creator


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