Conan O’Brien Spoofs the iPhone X and Face ID

Conan O’Brien and his team of players had some fun with Apple’s keynote and demonstration of the iPhone X and its new Face ID feature. As you can imagine, the results were a bit odd.

When a Craig Federighi doppelgänger takes the stage to answer questions from the keynote audience about the Face ID feature, he is met with a series of inane queries. Questions include “Does it work with the butt?” “Do you have to be awake?” and many more.

As Face ID is a new technology, there were several real questions about the technology following its introduction at Apple’s Tuesday shindig. Folks speculated whether it could be fooled by a mask, an identical twin (an evil twin, perhaps?), a photo, and more.

For more Conan O’Brien madness, visit the Team Coco Website.

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