Combatant Gentlemen’s new app will find you the perfect outfit

Menswear startup Combatant Gentlemen has a brand-new iOS app that will help you find the perfect outfit for a wedding, a job interview, or a date.

The Combat Gent app (free) makes it easy to swipe through all of the brand’s suits, blazers, and dress shirts, or what the company calls “men’s corporate essentials,” along with some casual wear. The key feature, however, is that the app has built-in algorithms that can recommend outfits based on the weather in your location, your skin color, and your previous shopping habits. For example, the app will not suggest a sweater if you’re going on a date in sunny Miami, and it will also know that you’ve already recently purchased a navy blazer and stop suggesting them. Combatant Gentlemen’s COO Imran Rahman describes the app’s algorithm as a combination of Amazon’s recommendations engine and Netflix’s predictive model.

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