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Designer Ted Alspach has something of a reputation when it comes to games about building things. In 2012, he released the city-building game Suburbia, arguably board gaming’s closest equivalent to the iconic video game SimCity. 2014’s follow-up Castles of Mad King Ludwig applied a similar approach to castle construction, and the two titles met with praise from players and critics alike. Now Alspach has returned to similar thematic ground with Colony, a game set in the aftermath of a devastating nanotech apocalypse.

If you’re looking for mechanical similarities to Alspach’s previous tile-laying city builders, though, you won’t find them here. Colony is a card-and-dice game co-created with Japanese designers Toryo Hojo and Yoshihisa Nakatsu. Players control rival settlements attempting to rise from the ashes of civilization, using cards as buildings and dice as the resources required to construct them.

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