New name, new logo, same Jaguar shell...

Regular readers may remember an odd little story we ran back in May about the Retro VGS game console project. Sporting a plastic shell made from the actual original Atari Jaguar molds, the new system was being designed to support new games made with an old-school, 16-bit aesthetic. Oddest of all, those games would be distributed on old-fashioned, solid-state cartridges made to last for decades.

Just over half a year later, the Retro VGS console is no more (though the company behind it still bears the same name). It's been replaced with the Coleco Chameleon, a rebranded version of the same idea that dredges up a well-known name from gaming's "ancient" past.

That rebranding is somewhat necessary, given the poor reputation the Retro VGS had garnered in the classic gaming community during its short pre-life. The system failed to get much buy-in during an aborted Indiegogo crowdfunding effort in September, raising just $80,000 of a hefty $1.95 million funding goal. For context, the Ouya only asked for a minimum of $900,000 in its initial Kickstarter (though Ouya shot past that number to receive $8.6 million in crowdfunding)

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