Glide has announced they are taking pre-orders for their upcoming “CMRA” Apple Watch band, which boasts a 2MP front-facing camera, and an 8MP outward facing shooter. The company says the CMRA can capture high resolution images and video “in a tap.”

'CMRA' Band for Apple Watch Offers Dual 2MP and 8MP Cameras

CMRA users will simply tap a button built into the band to snap a photo. Or, with a long-press of the same button, they can begin recording video. Glide says the CMRA can take “hundreds of photos,” or around 30 minutes of video on a single charge. The CMRA has 8GB of onboard flash memory.

Any photos or video captured with the CMRA are automatically integrated with the stock Photos app. The camera on the CMRA offers tilt-balancing, lens correction, noise reduction, and pixel optimization features.

'CMRA' Band for Apple Watch Offers Dual 2MP and 8MP Cameras

An included iPhone and Apple Watch chat app allows users to talk in real time, or send recorded video messages to each other. The Apple Watch app acts as a companion to the iPhone app, notifying users of live Glides, missed messages, and lets users watch videos on their wrists.

Pre-orders of the CMRA will include a custom dual-charging dock that will charge both the CMRA and the Apple Watch simultaneously. The dock also boasts a battery pack that allows charging the two devices twice before it needs a recharge.

'CMRA' Band for Apple Watch Offers Dual 2MP and 8MP Cameras

The company is offering pre-orders of the band, (the CMRA is expected to launch in Spring 2017), to gauge how much interest the band attracts online, so the company can better know how many of the bands to manufacture.

The CMRA can be pre-ordered from Glide’s website, and is available for an early bird price of $149.00 in either 38mm or 42mm sizes. The CMRA is expected to go for $249.00 when it launches.

(Via MacRumors)