Enlarge / Sometimes, reality is alarming. (credit: Jim Nix)

One of the challenges of discussing climate change is that it really is that bad. Completely realistic projections of things like sea-level rise, loss of agricultural productivity, and so on can sometimes sound like a disaster movie.

This is a bit of a problem in two ways. The first is that people naturally tend to dismiss possible future outcomes that they don't want to believe will happen. The second is that, since its predictions are for very negative changes, all of climate science has been branded "alarmist." In fact, if you do a web search for "alarmist," the first results that aren't basic definitions or the Alarmist Brewery are all about climate change.

This week, however, we were provided with a number of indications that accusations branding all climate science as alarmism simply aren't true. In response to a couple of articles that were a tad overly pessimistic about our future, climate scientists have stepped in to provide more realistic perspective about our future.

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