CliffyB’s Radical Heights is a new low for cashing in on the PUBG craze

Enlarge / How "X-treme" is this game's "Early Access" period? Quite. (credit: Boss Key Productions)

For all the flak and attention Cliff "CliffyB" Bleszinski has garnered over the years, the developer has always at least put his name behind solid video games. His most recent self-admitted financial failure, Lawbreakers, at least did a fine job carrying Bleszinski's old-school, Unreal Tournament torch, in spite of its issues with difficulty curve and generic art.

But Bleszinski and his current studio, Boss Key Productions, made a sharp turn last week in pronouncing the figurative death of Lawbreakers while simultaneously hinting at a new project. Turns out, that new project was precisely the thing that crowded out Lawbreakers' continued development, and the game maker only waited four days to announce its new focus: Radical Heights, an '80s-themed PUBG clone.

Boss Key's Monday announcement included a promise that Radical Heights would enter "Xtreme" Early Access the following day, so we decided to wait and give the game a whirl before making any assumptions. It sure looked like a bandwagon cash-in, after all, but maybe it'd come with some CliffyB magic.

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