Civilization VI: Rise and Fall will let you seize cities without firing a shot

Enlarge (credit: Firaxis Games)

A new expansion for Civilization VI, called Civilization VI: Rise and Fall, was announced today. The expansion looks to majorly shake up the flow of the game with era-long modifiers that will force you to shift your strategy for fear of losing your cities or ambition to seize others'. Its centerpiece feature is the addition of "Golden Ages," "Dark Ages," and "Heroic Ages"—macro events that apply each civilization's ever-shifting fortunes, achievements, and momentum to a struggle for territory and cultural influence, whether military force is involved or not.

The expansion will also add governors, a greatly expanded alliances system, cities that peacefully flip between civilizations, and an "Historic Moments" system that gives players special milestones that impact outcomes. Players can look forward to "emergency situations," which allow the civilizations at the bottom to pool their resources in order to gain benefits that help elevate them all closer to the top players. And, of course, expect new civilizations and leaders.

The Historic Moments, city flipping, and ages all play into one another. You might remember Golden Ages from past Civilization titles; typically, they were short-term boosts to your civilization's happiness or output that lasted for a few terms. This time, they last for an entire era (Ancient, Medieval, and so on), and they affect a resource called loyalty. With loyalty, you can flip other civilizations' cities without firing a shot—just like culture-flipping in, say, Civilization IV—or have yours flipped away from you.

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