Civilization VI for iPhone review: Handing over the kingdom

The team at Aspyr certainly understands their Civ. While I had my attention focused elsewhere, they advanced so far down their technology tree that they managed to stuff a game as complex as Civilization VI on the iPhone and make it look as though it belonged there all along. If this were a game of Civ, I would have figured such a feat would have taken them a few more turns.

After all, it was only a little over a year ago when my jaw dropped at the sight of Civilization VI running on an iPad; its complex mouse-and-keyboard controls brilliantly translated to Apple’s language of taps and swipes. But that’s the little leagues compared to what I’m seeing here. I can build empires on the subway. I can usher in great ages of science on the sidewalk to work. And for the most part, at least with my iPhone XS Max, I’m preferring this version over its counterparts on larger-screened devices.

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