Matthew Roberts took his 4K drone out for a spin above Apple’s “Spaceship” Campus 2 construction project on Christmas Day, giving us one last peek at the project’s progress in 2016.

Christmas Day 4K Drone Footage of Apple's Campus 2 Shows Solar Panels Install 65% Complete

Solar installation for the new campus is around 65% complete, and a small solar array has gone up on ground level near the Tantau Avenue facilities. Those facilities are also showing additional progress on the research and development building, with most of the exterior work complete, and the majority of the work having moved inside.

The new circular auditorium appears to have a lot of scaffolding inside, with workers apparently focusing on the interior of the building.

Landscaping is progressing, with a number of new trees planted all around the area, and a number of new walkways being poured to provide a winding path amongst the trees. The mountain of dirt, used for landscaping and to cover the underground parking facility, is now gone.

Construction on the project is expected to be completed early 2017, with employees moving in sometime shortly after completion. However, recent rains have left the project a mass of mud, which will likely delay completion a bit. We’ll keep you posted on the project, and let you know as soon as a firm grand opening date is set.