Check Out Twelve South’s New HighRise Pro Stand For The iMac

The HighRise Pro is an updated version of Twelve South’s existing HiRise iMac stand, that now sports a more sophisticated, modern design and a slightly larger body. The stand now features an adjustable stand, internal storage, as well as a top leather valet to store items like your iPhone, keys or anything else you would like to prop ontop of it.

Basically, the HiRise Pro is a beautiful, metal/wood stand that boost your iMac, iMac Pro or external displays, to one of four height variations, to reduce neck strain while working. It also helps reduce desk clutter, since it comes with a gear garage for hiding any of your accessories or devices that you have, to prevent your stuff from being scattered or misplaced.

The HighRise Pro was also designed to integrate with your iMac or any other displays you want to connect with, as well as to be interchangeable. The stand was made with a reversible front door that can switch to a metal front or into a warm walnut finish; to be able to mix up its designs whenever you want to switch things up.

So if you would like to check out Twelve South’s new HighRise Pro for your iMac, then you can be sure to check it out over at Apple’s official website where they’re currently selling it for $149.95.

Source: Apple

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