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Recently, some developers made their jailbreak tweaks free to download in the Big Boss Repo. If you’re really into jailbreaks and like to customize your iOS device with a list of tweaks, we might be able to help you with this new list of free jailbreaks.

Below, we have some pretty interesting jailbreak tweaks for those that like to customize their iOS devices to be more exciting or more convenient. The list contains over ten different jailbreak tweaks to choose from, which are all for free.

  • CamTouch: Brings Panorama and Time-Lapse shortcuts to the Camera app icon – free
  • DisableTopHits: Disables Top Hits in Safari – free
  • Free iWidgets App: Adds a browser for Free iWidgets – free
  • Nuus: Your iPhone’s screen while in the Home screen will remain in portrait mode when rotated – free
  • Harbor: Place as many icons in the dock of your iOS 9 device with new animations and alerts – free
  • PhotoScrubber: Enables Photos Scubber on older devices – free
  • ProximityActivator 2: Adds a proximity sensor event to Activator – free
  • SafariBeBetter: Enhances the browsing experience with Safari with new features – free
  • Sapphire: Brings extra tweaks and features to Alien Blue – free
  • Sketch9: Enables unsupported devices to sketch in Notes – free
  • Skia: This tweak brings a transparent SOCKS Redirector – free.

You can get all of these jailbreak tweaks for free from the Big Boss Repo.

Note: They will only be free for a limited time.

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