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Apple has posted two new ads to its YouTube channel to showcase some of the iPhone 6s features. The first video, entitled “Hey Siri,” is a 30-second long clip showcasing the new hands free voice assistant functionality. The second clip, entitled “Ridiculously Powerful,” is one minute long and shows off the speed and power of the iPhone 6s.

The first ad Apple posted up is “Hey Sire,” this ad shows viewers the capability of voice assistant functions for the iPhone 6s. The ad runs for 31 seconds and shows various people using Hey Siri in different situations. You can watch the first ad below.

The second video, entitled “Ridiculously Powerful,” is 31 seconds longer than the Hey Siri ad. This ad shows off the power and speed of the iPhone 6s, and shows people using it to play games, capture images, make purchases, while doing much more with the phone. You can watch the second ad below.

After watching the two ads, what’s your thoughts on them? Do you think they are going down hill, or do you think that they are getting better? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Source info: Apple’s YouTube channel

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