Check Out These iOS 11 Tips, Tricks & Hidden Features

On Tuesday, Apple launched iOS 11, meaning almost every iPhone and iPad users can upgrade to the latest operating system and experience the new features Apple has to offer. If you’ve upgraded or you’re thinking about upgrading to iOS 11, we’ll tell you a few tips and tricks that you can use on your device.

The Control Center has received a makeover and now lets users customize it to his or her liking. To customize the control system head to Settings > Control Center and Customize Controls. This will allow you to add shortcuts such as Low Power Mode, Alarm, Notes and Apple TV remote.

Move the Keyboard

Texting on a larger iPhone with one hand can be hard, but now with iOS 11 Apple has made it easier for users to text since the keyboard can shift to the right or left. In order to do this, hold the “emoji” icon and choose between shifting to the left or right. This feature is available wherever the keyboard can be accessed.

Edit Screenshots

As soon as you’re done taking a screenshot (hold down the home and power buttons), you can edit them immediately by tapping the small preview on the bottom left corner. Once you’ve tapped the preview, you can crop, draw or add text to the screenshot.


There’s a new file format for your photos and videos called HEIF (photos) and HEVC (videos) which will save you up to 50 percent more space compared to JPEG and H.264. You can also switch back to the old format with ease if desired. To do this, you can head over to Settings > Camera > Formats and switch to More Compatible.


There are more full-screen and bubble effects to choose from in iOS 11. Once you’re done typing out your message, press and hold the send icon in order to switch between Screen Effects and Bubbles.

When sending a photo to someone, tap the small camera icon located on the left of the input field in Messages, you’ll have the option to take a picture or scroll through the photos you’ve recently taken. You can now quickly edit or Markup the photo by adding a photo to your message and tapping on the photo.


Siri will be able to remind you of whatever is displayed on your device’s screen. For example, if you’re looking at a note or website, you could say “Siri, remind me about this” and the personal assistant will scan the page and add details to your Reminders app. She can also bring up specific photos if you ask her to.

If you want to know about 20 hidden iOS 11 features, you can check out Gadget 360 recent video covering this topic or you can watch EverythingAppePro’s review of iOS 11 to better understand the operating system before updating.

Apple has added a lot of new features to iOS 11, some of them will take time to adjust to. If you want to update to iOS 11, you can head to  Settings > General > Software Update.

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