Check out these gorgeous photos of this morning’s Super Blue Blood Moon

super blue blood moon photos

This biggest skywatching event of 2018 (so far) has wrapped up and the rare Super Blue Blood Moon is now in the history books. The event, which was a very special combination of several not-so-rare lunar conditions, produced a big orange sphere on the horizon for countless observers, and it also proved to be incredibly popular among photographers. Lots and lots of fancy cameras were pointed toward Earth's only natural satellite and captured plenty of gorgeous photos.

The supermoon, which is the second full moon of January (that's the "blue moon" part of its name), was bathed in a red glow from Earth's shadow. It was a total solar eclipse, and the light bending around our planet caused the moon to take on its special coloring. It was viewable from much of North America, South America, Russia, Asia, and parts of Europe and Africa, so there was plenty of opportunity to capture it in all its rust-colored glory.

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