Check Out These Free And Paid Jailbreak Tweaks

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The jailbreak community is still vibrant and active. With that said, folks will be able to scan through a nice list of jailbreak tweaks for any iOS device, which includes the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

There hasn’t been any ground breaking jailbreak tweaks to hit the scene, but we did find some pretty good tweaks that are both free and paid. You can check out the latest jailbreak tweaks below.

Free Jailbreak Tweaks

  • Ampere: Opens the Messages app in Quick Compose view – free
  • AppSwiSizer: This tweak enables the iOS 7/8 App Switcher on iOS 9 – free
  • Empyreal: Brings custom suggested app to the Lock screen – free
  • Flash: Adds  a shortcut to flashlight on Lock screen when in dark places – free
  • HideCydiaUpdates: Hides the Updates button in Cydia – free
  • HideSpotlightIcon: Hides the Spotlight icon from the Home screen – free
  • InCameraFPS: Adds a shortcut to FPS settings – free
  • Nemerov: Adds new screenshot animations – free
  • Orbkiller: Disables the 3D Touch gesture to enable the App Switcher – free
  • Point-and-Shoot: Launch the Camera icon through 3D Touch – free 
  • RunFieldTestAction: Adds an Activator gesture to access FieldTest app – free
  • SBCalendarColor: Change the day of the week text color on Calendar app icon – free
  • SearchDelete: Delete apps straight from Spotlight – free
  • Trudeau: See song lyrics and skip tracks in Music app – free
  • UIRotating9: Rotate screen orientation with gestures – free
  • BetterFiveColumnHomescreen: Space for a five-column Home screen – free
  • BetterFiveIconDock: Proper spacing for a five-icon dock – free
  • BetterFourByFourFolders: Brings a four by four layout folder – free
  • ChromeKeyboardEnabler: Use third-party keyboards in Chrome – free
  • WhoPaysForLenses?: Only shows free lenses in Snapchat – free
  • WiFiStatuesBar: Shows Home icon when connected to your Wi-Fi network – free
  • 1UP: Adds Mario notification sounds to iOS – free.

Paid Jailbreak Tweaks

  • Auxo 3: Brings the ability to App Switch for iOS 9 – $1.99 
  • BetterStatusBar9: Fixes issues with Notification Center grabber with apps – $0.99
  • Chrysalis: Another App Switcher – $1.99
  • DopeLock: Adds a page to your Lock screen – $0.99
  • FolderJumper: Gain quick access to folders with an Activator gesture – $1.99
  • iCaughtU Pro: Lets you see others entering in your passcode on your device – $2.50
  • Music Agent: Adds shuffle/repeat to CC and the Lock screen music controls $0.99
  • WhitelistSwitcher9: Shows apps you use the most in the App Switcher – $0.99

You can get any of these jailbreak tweaks from the BigBoss repo.

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