The mStand by Rain Design has the perfect design to uplift and transform Apple’s MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and MacBook.

Rain Design has created a unique and stylish design to transform and wake-up any boring workstation. This anodized aluminum design is stable enough to hold either the MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, or the MacBook. The tilt design brings the notebook screen closer in view while working, as well as the tilt design improves the airflow of the notebook by creating a cool air vent and acting as a heat sink.

The way the mStand was designed it helps keep cords and cable outlets organized and hid, so the work area stays clean and not in disarray. Another great amenity that is worth mentioning is it helps to keep the user from slouching, it’s designed to be raised where the screen meets the user’s eye level. The large base and the rubber pads on the resting surface which ensure maximum stability for the stand and the notebook while on the stand.

The mStand comes in three different colors Gold, Silver, and Space Gray, the height is 5.9 inches, the length is 10 inches, the width is 7.5 inches and the weight is 3lbs, the price for this stand is $49.95. To order visit, or

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